Your memos are precious. So is trust

iony secures your exchanges by digitally certifying your contracts on the blockchain, and by tracing the life cycle of your stones to optimize their marketing.

Secure your exchanges. Follow your memos

With iony, you benefit from a digital platform for managing liability transfers, designed for your business and its traceability issues, anywhere in the world

Forgery-proof contracts

With iony, you give all your exchanges a contractual value. Using the blockchain, every contract is digitally recorded, signed and certified.

Maximum traceability

At any time, you have an access to the life cycle of your memos : transformation, exchanges, sales… and you stay in touch with the responsible persons.

Tailor-made processes

Develop the presence of your stones on the market : with the management of advanced rights, maximize the way you work with your partners.

How does it works ?

I add my stones

From my iony account, I associate and record my stones in my dashboard.

I transfer the responsibility of my memo

From my iony account, I associate and record my stones in my dashboard.

My memo is passed from hand to hand

With a simple SMS, iony creates a digital contract with my partner, which validates his responsibility when he takes my stone as a memo. In a simple and user-friendly way.

I keep control

The history of transfers is saved: at any time, I can access the life cycle of my stones and I can easily contact the person responsible for them.

Our subscription Offers

You’ll be surprised at what a liability transfer application can do for you

Want to try iony ? Ask for our 3 month trial version at an advantageous price.The essentials to discover all that iony can do to facilitate your daily memo exchanges, and much more. All our offers are without obligation.

Want to try iony ?  Ask for our 3 month trial version at an advantageous price.The essentials to discover all that iony can do to facilitate your daily memo exchanges. No obligation offer.

Their confident is precious

« Iony is the perfect tool to stay in touch with your gems when they’re outside your business, either as memos or loans. Iony is easy to use and it secures your business by digitally certifying these memos and loans as contracts on blockchain. This gives you a great tool to keep track of your stones when they’re out of your inventory and stay in touch with your loved ones. Plus, it’s very easy to use and it only takes a few minutes to get the hang of the solution. »

Vincent Pardieu, Field Gemologist

Frequently asked questions

What is iony ?

iony is a transaction tracking solution that uses Tezos, an french blockchain technology to track, secure and provide more transparency on exchanges and the resulting liability transfers. It is therefore an ideal solution for the follow-up of your memos.

Is iony adapted to my job and my needs ?

iony is extremely flexible. Through extensive work with gem industry experts, we have developed a set of features that allow you to tailor the service to your particular needs. Do not hesitate to contact our sales department to let us know your specific needs and see how iony can meet them.

How can iony replace a memo contract ?

The liability transfer solution proposed by iony is based on 3 points:

  1. The acceptance of the GTC by all users (Our GTC establish a contractual legal framework for the transactions carried out on iony).
  2. The responsible commitment of the users (each user must perform a specific action for the whole transaction to be validated)
  3. The recording on the blockchain of the details of each operation carried out on iony, which makes them unfalsifiable.

Thus, transferring the responsibility of an object with iony means establishing a real contractual relationship with your interlocutor. In a few seconds, without papers and on a unique platform.

How can I track the progress of my memo ?

The stones you register in your account are represented by an  » item  » sheet that you can personnalize in real time.

You can give them the reference or name of your choice, a description, but also photos that will attest to its condition and any changes. You can also add different tags to follow your work and even use the description field to integrate hyperlinks.

Finally, you should know that all the modifications made to your memos, as well as all the transfers made, are recorded in the traceability log.

What data is stored by iony? How can my partners be assured of the confidentiality of their data?

As you can see, the notion of responsibility is really important to us.
This is why iony only records the modification and transfer actions of your memos.
Each of these actions results in the recording of an event in the traceability log.
It is therefore absolutely impossible for us to know what happens between each of these events and therefore to spy on the actions of our users.
This is how we want to preserve and nurture the relationship of trust that exists between you and your partners.

Does iony use geolocation data ?

The only geolocation data that iony records are related to your photos if and only if you have allowed your users to do so.
Obviously, when this feature is used, you also know who took the picture.
But this feature, when used, allows you to add more information in the tracking of your memos history.

Apart from that, no geolocation data is ever directly associated to a user.

What is the difference with my traceability management software ?

The great strength of iony is that it allows you to transfer objects outside your company. iony is like an all-round traceability solution, which thanks to the registration of liability transfer actions and their recording in a blockchain, allows you to have a reliable tracking of your memos all over the world in real time.

I don't have time to train my employees, how long does it take to adopt your solution?

Iony is an intuitive platform and we have found that it takes our customers less than half a day on average to get used to the solution.

In any case, you should know that a training session in videoconference or in person is included in your subscription. We will then take the necessary time to help you get used to iony.

If you wish to train your new employees later on, we can offer you to buy training sessions in videoconference to complete the integration of the service in your company.

What about GDPR ?

In your business more than any other, trust between partners, customers and employees is absolutely fundamental.

Iony is totally in line with this philosophy and it is something we take very seriously. This is why we are 100% RPGD-compliant, and why we meet all the requirements of the French law.

Finally, iony is in the process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification for the protection of information systems to guarantee you even more security.

How does iony's blockchain technology work ?

To begin with, you should know that iony is not a blockchain.
We do not produce cryptocurrency 🙂 !
However, we use the innovative properties of the TEZOS blockchain, and in particular what is called « smart contracts » to process and encrypt with algorithms all the information of your traceability logs. This process, which is totally innovative, makes them absolutely incorruptible !

In other words, and to illustrate this proposal with an example, when one of your guests takes the responsibility to take with him a memo using iony, the information related to this transfer (e.g.: on 21-06-2021 at 12:00 USER1 gave USER2 « MyMemo1 ») is made totally unbreakable, proving in a definitive way that this transfer took place, and thus that your guest (here USER2) is from now on responsible for it. Until the next transfer.

This is what we call in the blockchain world a « mathematical proof ».

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Iony est une solution de suivi des transactions qui emploie la technologie blockchain pour tracer, sécuriser et offrir plus de transparence sur les échanges et les transferts de responsabilité qui en découlent.

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